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Library Management 101: A Practical Guide, Second Edition

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Just because a set of responsibilities isn’t formally called management doesn’t mean that it isn’t management. And this vital text speaks to a reality that all current professionals already know: that is, everyone studying to enter the profession needs an introduction to the topic of management. Because no matter what one’s role in an academic or public library context, it will involve decision-making, planning, and organization skills. Newly revised and updated, this book pulls together management best practices from library management experts teaching in LIS programs across the U.S. and Canada. Among the many topics discussed are

  • classic and contemporary theories of management, and how they apply to the library;
  • human resource planning;
  • marketing and public relations;
  • negotiations, mediation, and financial management of the library;
  • facilities management;
  • information technology management and future trends;
  • change management, organizational culture; and
  • ethics and confidentiality.

In addition to providing students with a solid foundation in library management, with its structured, practical knowledge this impressive volume will also benefit experienced managers.

Examination copies are available for instructors who are interested in adopting this title for course use.

Lisa K. Hussey

Dr. Lisa K. Hussey is an assistant professor at the School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College. She has been teaching and researching management for over 13 years, beginning in her doctoral program, where she completed a certificate in Organizational Change and Conflict as part of her Ph.D. in LIS. Dr. Hussey has experience in management in libraries and in retail bookstores. She has also researched diversity within the profession and the role of community support in budget crisis.

Diane L. Velasquez

Dr. Diane L. Velasquez is the program director of the Information Management program and lecturer at the School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences at University of South Australia. Her research interests include website evaluation and assessment, digital libraries, reader’s advisory and librarians’ perception of readers of genre fiction but especially the romance genre. Dr. Velasquez has a PhD in LIS from the University of Missouri, an MLS for the University of Arizona, MBA in management from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. She spent over 20 years in corporate America before switching careers to librarianship and academe.

Praise for the first edition

"Editor Velasquez, program director of the Library and Information Management program at the University of South Australia, brings more than 20 years of experience (as an assistant professor, researcher, and lecturer in the U.S.) to this text, with her belief that all librarians manage something, from collections to volunteers—even if they think they are not on the management track.' The book pulls together best practices for management at all levels in public and academic libraries ... would make an excellent text for any library-management course as well as a good addition to the personal shelf of any librarian who would like to make the move into administration."
— Booklist