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Helping Patrons Find Their Roots: A Genealogy Handbook for Librarians

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Public libraries have many valuable resources for diving into a patron’s lineage and family history, yet librarians themselves are sometimes not fully acquainted with all the tools available. The good news is that you don’t have to be a genealogist to help patrons find the research information they need to get in touch with their roots. In this book Schultz, an experienced genealogy librarian, guides librarians through the process, providing

  • an overview of heritage research, with an explanation of the differences between genealogy and family history;
  • step-by-step instructions for finding genealogy records;
  • a discussion of useful databases such as Ancestry Library Edition and Heritage Quest as well as print sources of information;
  • key websites to help patrons continue their search; and
  • advice on collection development and training.

Not just for reference librarians, this book will help all library staff connect patrons searching for information about their forebears.


Chapter One    What Is Genealogy?
Chapter Two    Genealogy 101
Chapter Three    Finding Genealogy Records
Chapter Four        Continuing the Search
Chapter Five    Published Sources
Chapter Six    Advanced Genealogy
Chapter Seven    Collection Development and Training



Janice Lindgren Schultz

Janice Lindgren Schultz retired in 2013 as manager of the Midwest Genealogy Center in Independence, Missouri. She has served on many History Section committees of the Reference and User Services Association (RUSA), and she chaired its Genealogy Committee, Local History Committee, Genealogy Preconference Planning Committee, and the History Section. Schultz has also served as president of the Missouri State Genealogical Association and the American Family Records Association. She has been a speaker at various genealogy conferences, the Missouri Library Association, and the Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, & Museums.

"[Schultz] writes in a personable, uncomplicated style, elevating the quality and usefulness of the book above what could have been a strictly academic tone.”

"This book should be in every public library. It is very useful for librarians in guiding their patrons to genealogy resources.”
— Catholic Library World

"Intended for genealogy librarians, its comprehensive approach makes it equally applicable to readers beginning their own genealogical research.”
— National Genealogical Society Quarterly